Synergy Songs focuses on the creation of amazing, ready-to-use vocals for electronic dance music.

We do everything we can to make our clients have the biggest hits possible.

'Synergy' means that the sum of parts is bigger than simply adding up the individual components. This is very much true for the creation of great music. We believe in the power of collaboration between writers, producers and artists.

Synergy is also the secret of nature. Take water, for example. Add two gasses (hydrogen and oxygen) and water magicallyl appears! We have a relation with our planet and we all benefit from its well-being. To underline this, we are planting a tree through sustainable foresting projects by TreesForAll.nl for every release.​


For all enquiries: info@synergysongs.com.

​If you are an amazing topliner / vocalist, please send us your best 3 songs HERE.

E-mail: info@synergysongs.com

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