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Nathalie Blue

Nathalie Boone AKA Nathalie Blue is a 21-year old vocalist/songwriter/artist from  Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with Polish, Surinamese and Hindi roots. She’s an Albeda  College of Music graduate. Despite her young age she has already worked with several  well-known Dutch urban artists like Broederliefde and Latifah, as well as with Oscar Holleman (producer of Eurovision winner ‘Arcade’, Within Temptation etc.) and many  others. Nathalie has also worked with well-known Polish artists like Cleo and Donatan. 

Nathalie is a versatile and sparkling writer who focuses on pop, dance and K-pop. Recent  cuts include 'Breathe Me To Life (Ayahuasca)' with Jerome, ‘Bad Option’ with Bougenvilla, K-pop group GWSN’s ‘Under The  Bloom (Alone)’ and Devin Wild’s hardstyle bangers ‘The Curse’ and ‘Blinded’. Her vocals  also sold the demo of TWICE’s international megahit ‘Breakthrough’.


DANCE: Jerome, LUNAX, Bougenvilla, Orange INC, Devin Wild, Thomas Nan


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